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The Importance of a Female Environmental Superhero in School Curriculum

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

She Can See Her Future

Boys have Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Aquaman, Iron Man – this list is seemingly endless. The few women superheroes that do exist have not been given the same exposure. Water Woman serves to convey to girls that they are capable of filling these heroic roles like boys can.

Representation is important. Water Woman in school curriculum gives girls a character to connect to. Having the environmental superhero, Water Woman, be a female protagonist encourages young girls to pursue what they want, despite any social construct.

“Working on the development of Water Woman has shown me the impact of having strong women in powerful leadership roles. Representation is very important, especially for the young minds who are going to influence our world,” Lindsay Giliam, Managing Director of Water Woman.

Water Woman’s belief in her own capabilities sets a needed example for children, especially young girls, that they can be the master of their own fate. Not only can they save themselves from the global water crisis, but they can save others too.

Water Woman’s goal is to motivate girls to accomplish anything they set their hearts and minds to. Her character conveys to girls that they are capable of being in the same leaderships positions as men, even the heroic roles that men primarily fill.

She inspires young girls to branch out into fields that are not common for women. Water Woman and her adventures are aimed to inspire young girls to have the confidence to pursue a career in a S.T.E.M. related field and empower them to pursue careers in the water sector.

Strength, determination and confidence are three words to describe Water Woman. The Adventures of Water Woman is aimed to equip children, especially girls, to have the strength to stand up and use their voice, the determination to see change through, and the confidence that they can make the change.

Water Woman is more than just an educational program that teaches children about the global water crisis and how they can conserve water – she is a figure for young girls to envision themselves as.

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