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Meet the Board
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Dr. Joanna Krajewski
Executive Director
Lindsay Giliam
Managing Director

Dr. Krajewski graduated from the University of Iowa with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Women Studies.



Dr. Krajewski continued her education at the University of Iowa and received her Masters in Public Health and earned her PhD in Mass Communication.



As a young girl, Dr. Krajewki wanted to be a naturalist. She had always loved nature and the environment. Her grandfather and father are also hydrologists, so Dr. Krajewski always had a pull to the water. Her draw to water can also be attributed to her career as a swimmer.


The interconnection of Dr. Krajewski's outrage and passion for women's issues and the crisis of global water poverty birthed the character embodiment of her academic and work experience, Water Woman.​​


Dr. Krajewski's goal for Water Woman is for the organization to be self-sustaining so that Water Woman can provide services to women and girls around the world free of charge. She also hopes that Water Woman will inspire young girls to pursue eventual careers in the water sector.

Lindsay is a recent Flagler College graduate who received her Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication.


Born and raised in Florida, Lindsay has witnessed the effects of climate change over time, especially sea level rise, as she attended a college located near the coast.


As a young girl, Lindsay envisioned herself as the "Princess of the United States of America." With the influence of powerful female figures, Lindsay has pushed that aspiration aside and has moved on to start up Water Woman alongside her mentor, Dr. Krajewski.


Lindsay attributes her confidence in her career pursuits to the women who held leadership roles in her life. Their status empowered Lindsay to accomplish anything she set her mind to.


Lindsay is passionate about Water Woman and her adventures, as she wants to instill the confidence in young girls to break through the social constructs in life.


Lindsay's goal for Water Woman is for the educational program to influence young girls to pursue careers in S.T.E.M. related fields to promote better diversity in voice.

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